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Buck Buck
28 pound, 8 year old Buck was taken in with a large dry mass on his back. . He has been to the vet and had the large mass removed along with a dental.  His biopsy came back as a low grade mast cell tumor.  Our vet is confident that the mass was completely removed and that it should not recur in that location.  Our vet is also confident that there should not be another growth for at more about Buck
Cain Cain
7 year old Cain was surrendered because he got in fights with the other male BT at their house. Due to a fight a few years back, he lost his vision in his left eye. However he loves female dogs and people including children. He has mild allergies and needs benedryl from time to time. Our vet referred him to Eye Care to look at his shrunken eye. The veterinary opthomologist determined that more about Cain