Without our network of Foster Families, it would be impossible for us to continue our rescue efforts. We do not have a shelter where we can house dogs. All of our Boston Terriers are placed in private homes or when we have no other option, a private boarding facility until a permanent home is found.

What we expect from every foster parent:
  • Fill-out an Application
  • Allow a home visit by our Foster Coordinator
  • Provide transportation for needed vet visits
  • Actively involved in our meet and greet adoption events(2 per month)
  • Basic feeding supplies (quality dog food, food bowl, water bowl)
  • Socialization
  • A lot of TLC
What you can expect from us:
  • Supplies for each dog (kennel, special food if needed, collar, leash, harness)
  • Foster parents willing to provide these supplies themselves will be helping the program out immensely.
  • Medical care (we will arrange payment direct to the vet for medical assistance, check-ups, microchips, shots and spaying/neutering).
  • Assistance with any training or behavior issues that you may not be sure of.
To become a foster home, please fill out a Foster Application . The process is very similar to adopting a dog from our rescue. We will set up a convenient time to come visit your home and we can discuss fostering in more detail at that time.