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Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue (formerly Valley of the Sun Boston Terrier Rescue) has been actively rescuing needy Boston Terriers since 1975. The purpose and main function of Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue (AZBTR) is to promote humane treatment through rescue, rehabilitation, education and the re-homing of neglected, abandoned and unwanted Boston Terriers.

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USTA - This pretty little girl was not feeling well  when we took her into rescue.  She had no muscle mass in her right leg and was not putting any pressure on the leg.  She was an owner surrender due to unavailable funds to care for her medical needs.  They did right by this girl and surrendered her to AZBTR so that we can get her to the vet to find out whats wrong with this sweet baby.  Although Usta has gone through some life changes, she has adapted well to her new surroundings.  She gets along well with well balanced and socialized dogs.  She loves any soft bed to lay in and she loves to be around people.  She is crate trained and is house trained using a doggy door. It has been almost three months since she first came into rescue was diagnosed with severe valley fever.  We are happy to report that Usta is recovering wonderfully!  She has full use of her leg now, has gained weight and has much mor...read more about Usta
LOKI:  This distinguished gentleman has had quite a rough go of it so far.  He has a crooked front leg that is 'chonic' (suspect trauma), per Vet's at PACC.  Arthritic changes were noted but he did not have symptoms of arthritic pain while in their care.  His leg does not appear to be painful and he uses it well.  He may need some pain management in the future.  He was dropped at the shelter to be euthanized by the owners.  He had one eye at that time but the Vet's at PACC felt it was blind and painful so it was removed.  Even though he is no longer gifted with vision, he has mapped out the foster home in short order!!  He gets along well with the 3 other dogs in the foster home and will take care of business outside.  He will need another dog in the home to bond with and follow around.  Despite his handicaps he is always smiling and in good humor.  While he is current on his shots and already neutered and...read more about Loki
-TOBY- This Olde English Bulldogge which is the GIANT version of the English Bulldog.  He weighs in at about 78 lbs and is just a big huge teddy bear.  He may not be a Boston Terrier but he is part of the smooshie mug family so we couldn't resist helping him find a home.  He was rescued from the lobby of the Maricopa County shelter where he was going to be surrendered by his family.  He has such a sweet face how could we walk away?   Toby loves all people and especially older kids, he's 6 years old so he still has some puppy left in him.  He loves short walks, playing in puddles and just snuggling on the couch with his favorite person.  He gets along with the dogs in his foster home but he would prefer to be an only dog.
-XENA- Warrior Princess?  Absolutely!  This little girl has been through a lot based on her battle scars!  She was a warrior and is now looking to be pampered like a princess!  She was pulled from county and has been recuperating from her spay surgery.  She is about 3-4 years old and gets along with other dogs.  She is a lover and is good on a leash...she loves to sunbathe!  
-ANNIE- This pretty nine year old girl came to us after her owner passed away. After a few days at her foster home she's come out of her shell.  She likes to explore the backyard and sleeping in soft beds close to people.  She is a low key kinda girl who is crate and potty trained and knows to use the doggy door.  She will need to be in a home with rugs, carpet or a rough surface as she has a hard time getting around on wood flooring.   She would be good in a home with older kids.  Annie is ready for her forever home.
-Derrick- "The Professor" is a 10 year old senior guy looking for a stay at home person who can be with him during the day.  He was picked up as a stray and after his mandatory hold time he was signed over to AZBTR. He has some lumps and bumps that we want to get removed before he is available for adoption but otherwise he is in good health.  Derrick is a little on the skinny side, has cataracts and is a little hard of hearing but he is as cute as a button!  He is polishing up on his potty training skills and is learning the doggy door.     
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