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Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue (formerly Valley of the Sun Boston Terrier Rescue) has been actively rescuing needy Boston Terriers since 1975. The purpose and main function of Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue (AZBTR) is to promote humane treatment through rescue, rehabilitation, education and the re-homing of neglected, abandoned and unwanted Boston Terriers.

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-EDDIE- Came to us through an owner surrender.  We were told he was a BT but when we arrived to take the little guy, it was clear he was a darling mix. We are calling him a "Borgie"  Boston/Corgie Mix. We did not want him to have to go back to the shelter he was adopted from so of course we made room at the AZBTR Inn for Eddie.  He's quite a character with his stocky build and soft coat. Often his tongue will stick out a bit which only adds to his character. He is a happy and affectionate guy and loves to crawl in your lap and be petted.  He's in a foster home with 4 other dogs and has been introduced to all of their BT friends as well.  Eddie is very smart and full of energy.  He needs structure and some basic rules made clear to him.  He is eager to please and will be a wonderful companion for the right person.  
PERRY is a good sweet loving boy and much to the dismay of his family he has to come back to AZBTR to find a new home, due to a pending move.  Perry was unsure at first to be back in his foster home but after some time he was back to his normal self.  For those of you familiar with Perry when he first came into rescue he loved to chase exercise balls...well he still does and he will get some of the extra weigh he gained worked off with an exercise ball regime. He will wiggle and squirm in excitement when you pet him and just can't contain himself.  He is easily excitable and a little on the anxious side so is always looking for guidance from his human.  He has no problem being around other dogs but will need a slow introduction at first so that he does not get over excited and scare the other dogs.  He plays a little with his foster brothers but give him a squeaky toy and he will be entertained but throw it with him and he will be your best friend...read more about Perry
CRAIG came to AZBTR via the county shelter after they removed his eye because of infection.  Craig may be missing his right eye, have a small amount of vision left in his good eye and he may be a little hard of hearing but he is a trooper!  He loves to be around you all the time, he has the cutest little waddle when he walks and is just an all around happy upbeat guy. If you want a champion snorer Craig is they guy for you!  He gets around great in the house and loves to explore the backyard.  He is a big 27lb, food-loving, sweet boy and he get's along great with all of his BT brothers in his foster home.  He will need daily drops in his remaining eye to keep it healthy and will need regular checkups for his Cushings but otherwise he is going to make someone a great loyal foot warmer.  Please consider this older guy as a potential family member....old guys need love too!
ROSCOE found himself dropped off at the Pinal county shelter by his owners.  The reason for his surrender was not noted.  Roscoe has been evaluated and have determined that he is very much a people lover but not a dog lover.  We've learned he loves the swimming pool and going from raft to raft to haul out.  Roscoe will need to be the only dog in the home.  He adores people but will not be able to co-habitate with any other animals.  
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